Iconic phone purse (Gold)

795 SEK

Phone purse with gold metal

Works with all phones

Backside have storage for five cards

Dimensions 20cm x 12cm x 2cm

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Our modern Purse with elegant gold accents is a fusion of style and practicality for your active lifestyle. This purse is designed to keep you organized and add a sophisticated touch to your outfit, whether you’re at work, in the city, or at a festive occasion.
Design and Material:
With a simple and clean design, this purse is a perfect complement to your style. Subtle gold accents add an extra touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic. The purse is made from high-quality material that is both lightweight and durable, ready to accompany you wherever you go.
Universal Compatibility:
Our purse is designed to fit all iPhones as well as most other phone models. Whether you have the latest iPhone model, an Android phone, or any other popular phone, you can trust that your device will fit comfortably and securely in the dedicated compartment.
Front Side:
The front side of the purse features a convenient pocket designed to accommodate your mobile phone. This clever design keeps your phone easily accessible and close at hand whenever you need it. The purse is an ideal companion when you’re on the move and want quick access to your phone usage.
Back Side:
On the back of the purse, you’ll find five practical pockets where you can easily slide in your cards. Keep your most-used cards – such as credit cards, ID cards, or membership cards – close at hand and easily accessible. This clever design makes it convenient to organize your cards and keep them orderly during your adventures.
This elegant purse combines functionality and style in a tasteful manner. Whether you’re at work, exploring the city, attending a formal event, or enjoying a festive evening, you can feel confident that your belongings are organized, and this purse with its subtle gold accents complements your personal style. Make this your latest addition and discover how you can carry your essentials with ease and elegance.


Dimensions: 20cm x 12cm x 2cm

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