Emilia Lindberg

Emilia is the artist who had a great career in the tattoo industry under the name “Emilia Lee”
Her art can be found in many famous homes. From Slash in Guns N’ Roses to Pernilla Wahlgren and others. You just love Emilia’s imaginative art. Emilia captures us with a special sensitivity. With her magical eye for the feminine and its outstanding features, is very inspiring. With oil, acrylic paint, charcoal and oil pastel crayons, she creates magic. By sewing in the cloths, she creates a fantastic structure in the cloth! Emilia’s biggest inspiration is the theater scene. When she was a child, she hung out a lot at the Royal Opera, where all the creative things that were there, in every way became an inspiration for her creation.
Emilia has her studio, gallery at Österlånggatan 39 in Gamla Stan, since January 2018 “Galleri Diva”
Emilia has appeared in many television contexts. Some of them are Inkmaster Sweden and Wahlgren’s world.
She has also worked with styling for some artists and went on several tours.
Emilia has chosen to use her finished skills from both the art of painting and the art of tattooing in her collaboration with us at HangApp.

Emilia’s quote: “Art is free”

We at HangApp are really looking forward to sharing Emilia’s art and are so excited for Emilia’s upcoming HangApp collection! A warm welcome to us Emilia!

Emilia Lindberg

Peter Englund

Designer and stylist Peter Englund, EPIC PRODUCTIONS for stage, red carpet & fashion

Peter started working as a drag show artist in Diamond Dogs in 2002 and has since worked as a presenter on television, sang in his own dance band and also in his own disco concept Disconun, made a musical at the Oscar Theater, wrote and produced music and shows, created clothes for himself and many others on stage and on television and at the same time built P.E.E.P Stockholm (Peter Englund Epic Productions) into a concept that for many in and outside the entertainment industry symbolizes creativity, freedom and love, to creation without any real limitations to the imagination. All operations and competence within P.E.E.P Stockholm (Peter Englund Epic Productions) are gathered under the same roof in central Stockholm and on the well-planned surface, Peter and his employees show that the only thing that stops creativity is the conditions you create yourself.

With great joy and pride we thank you for this opportunity. Getting to collaborate with a designer/stylist like Peter, is a confirmation that HangApp is here to stay.


Peter Englund

Diana Wahlborg

Diana started painting in 2016, and is self-taught. She uses acrylic paint & spray, collage and other materials and some recycling. Diana’s greatest inspiration in art is ANDY WARHOL, MIMMO ROTELLA, Postmodern art from the 1900s-2000s. “Street style is in my blood, I grow up with street art, and making everything out of nothing”.

Diana opened a studio gallery at Wallingatan 37 in Stockholm city, January 2022.

This collaboration has greatly influenced HangApp’s start and success. With her amazing graffiti art, Diana takes HangApp to greater heights.

Graffiti is back again since the 20th century. We can see this in other big brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Diana’s quote: “BE YOUR OWN ICON”

Diana Wahlborg

Roger Lindgren

Hesk.One / Roger Lindgren is a tattoo artist and artist who operates in Sweden and has Eskilstuna as his hometown and base. The name Hesk.One originated from Roger’s graffiti art and has naturally followed into the tattoo industry.

Roger works at the tattoo studio Deep Cuts Tattoo in Eskilstuna.

We think Roger is doing a fantastic job. Our collaboration has produced great results and has been admired by many.

With Roger’s quality and eye for graffiti art, we see this collaboration as an obvious choice in our assortment.


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