The popular band Cir.Cuz is behind dozens of radio and streaming hits, including “Radio”, “Supernova”, “Wellerman”, “Speak Spanish To Me” and “Original”. Since their inception in 2011, they have racked up close to 300 million plays and are, with it, one of Norway’s most sought-after pop bands that sing in Norwegian. They have performed on everything from Vg Lista and God morgen Norge to Allsang på grensen, and after their participation in the Tv Norge program “A Tribute to Jahn Teigen” they also covered “Det vakreste som fins” which won a double platinum trophy. The band consists of Mats Melbye from Sarpsborg and Thomas Pedersen from Skien. In the summer of 2022, they made a strong impression on the streaming charts with the single “Denne sommer´n”. The band came back again with the single “Alt jeg har drømt om” in the summer of 2023, which shot straight up to the top 50 on Spotify and VG LISTA. Which also went into heavy rotation at several national radio stations, including Nrk Mp3 with the same song. Despite the fact that the guys recently celebrated 13 years as artists, the hit machine Cir.Cuz is undoubtedly rolling on at a high pace!

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