HangApp Short

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Short is our shortest HangApp that hangs around the neck.
You build your own:
1. Choose a mobile cover for your mobile phone
2. Choose the short rope and metal you want
3. Choose the long rope and metal you want
4. Choose the color you want on the ring


1. Choose mobile phone case
Stable mobile phone case with a velvety surface
2. Choose the short part
Short part 13 cm
3. Select long part
Long part 50 cm
4. Choose ring
Metal ring
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A complete HangApp – Short
1 pc Phone case, 1 pc Short part, 1 pc Long part, 1 pc Ring
Stable mobile cover with a velvety surface. Lining with microfiber.
Materials: Metal (contains nickel), TPU, polyester, microfiber

Buy extra mobile covers in different colors to match your outfit.
Want to extend your leash? Buy extra rings!

Note! Is your mobile phone case not in our range?
Contact us via email at: info@hangapp.se

*Mobile phone not included.

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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